Saturday, June 13, 2009

what a beautiful day.. it depends how u look at it..

It has been raining so far all day, so glad my wife and I planted flowers and grass seed.Later today going to my dads apt. to write Thank you cards,along with my brothers and sisters. Did not get any tri. training in today that's okay. I am still looking to do Twin lakes in Palatine Il ,June 28th..
Star and I went to see Phil Keegy and Randy Stonewall last night, they where the early Christian Rock band (late 1960"s Band) it was a Good and Fun concert, if it was not for them there would not be K-love radio, or any Christian rock at all.... So glad they listen to the voice of God.. seems like I just rambleing on here hey its my Blog:))
I do have a full schedule of Massage clients today which I am thankful for.. My Massage students always ask what kind of Clients do I see, or what is the range of people. I tell them it is from A-Z,
From a housewife to corp. executive to pro atheltes to want to be pro. Who- ever needs me I will see them... to a point.... more about that later... gotta work now..

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  1. yeap your right its your blog and you can ramble if you want to sir!!