Thursday, December 29, 2011

It Has been a while since mY last Blog.... wow..

Wow! Why did I let this go for so long?So Many Things have Happened since the last Time I blogged. Let's see.. hmm. My daughter got married .. ok I wrote about That.. Oh she has a daughter of her own born Jan 1st 2011 her name is Isabella . I was honored to be part of the birthing process . One week before her due date I preformed Reflexology on my daughter and within 24 hours she went into labor.. Yeah!!! Reflexology ( That will be a subject I will be writing about over the next few blogs ).. Hmmm What else has happened... oh! We bought our First House this year how exciting.. it is Fun( so far) being a Home owner.. many projects little money.. Hmmm what else... Oh! I went back to School received a Certificate as a Intergrated Movement Specialist (IMS) via with Dr Evan Osar . What a great class it has bought me to a higher level in what I do and what I love to do... this allows me to do is to expand my Massage Practice to add: Corrective excerise, and Functional Training.. Part Fitness expert, part PT , Part Manual Therapy.. I have been Blessed to work with a number of runners, triathletes, even performing artist and weekend warroirs. My every day clients are also getting the benefit of this.. If you are interested on knowing more give me a call at the office :630-968-7827..
We also started selling and using Juice Plus getting all my veggies now...

What I intend to do with this blog is go into several differant directions at times. One time is to be dedicated to Massage and Reflexology ; my thoughts and research. The other times will be about Fitness and Wellness.... so be patient please..

I am a Massage /Reflexologist for 20 years and have seen some changes in the industry, of course some good real good and some well lets say down right.. can not find a word to describe.
I now am doing (gathering )Research on The Reflexology side of things. The Massage industry is going Science or evidence based only route, which is good and bad.
Some folks are poo-pooing Reflexology as "un-scientific" or not viable some have gone to the point of throwing away any books that talk about Reflexology.. so because of my Love of Reflexology and the good that I have seen and experienced ,I will gather Scientific research and evidence based studies showing that Reflexology is a viable part of The Body Work industry. Do not get me wrong I understand why they are poo-pooing it it is the way they are doing it.. ok enough for now... I will post as often as I can