Tuesday, June 30, 2009

totally cleaning today

Today we got the whole house streamed clean. While they where stream cleaning I had Pooka our American Eskie at the groomer getting cleaned and groomed. While she was at the groomer I had the unpleasured meeting with the Dreaded Urinary Doctor to get my Yearly Check up.....
I just wished he would just give me a Movie and a Dinner before he......... ouch....Dude...
My poor wife had to put up with the other animals at our little zoo, 2 cats and a ferret, got their own bathrooms and closet while the cleaners did what they do.
Of course no Training today.. thats okay by me for a while.
Got good news today from my Regular Dr. I can stop taking the high blood pressure meds, now my system need too get cleansed before I go a different route...maybe herbal...

I am here at the office of School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology getting ready for a New client which I am always thankful for. One long time regular client then Reflexology class later. The new client is a referal from a Chiro. friend I am thankful for all referals.
I enjoy what I do. I enjoy working with clients who suffer from Fibromyalgia. i do a combination of sevaral differant modalities which seems to work... again I think outside the box..

Monday, June 29, 2009

writing 101 paragraphsss

I should Remember High school.. (sorry I do not remember all of High school) and college
writing and journalism classes I took, The rules.... about Writing.. Paragraphs, no run on sentences....
Hey!! this is my blog...... I will make it more.........readable, follow the rules?..... Sometimes one has to follow the Rules. One has to stay inside the lines.. However.... going outside the lines or thinking out the box is a Major break through.How many of us think out side the box...??

What is wogging????

The daffinition is A combination of Walk/running.... Mike's word.... if you use it please give me some credit because the bank won't

it is a good Monday ...following a Great weekend

It was a fun filled weekend.. what did you do?? Beside working Saturday I had a Great 2 plus hour ride in the early am.. enjoyed except for a few nutty Drivers who think they own everything and swear at you and make threating motions with their hands.... oh well! Life is to short.. After work Star and I cleaned the house due to that fact.. no we are not slops.. okay maybe we are.. it is Marley has ringworm and we needed to bleach all the tile floors... After much eye rolling on.. my part .. insert here I am lazy... no debate on that... i would rather sit around outside doing not a thing.... we got it done.... Then I was able to sit around have a beer..
Sunday spent time on The Illinois paririe path in Glenn Ellyn with My Students From Sohmar School of Massage working(clinic Time) on the Glen Ellyn Runners.. Star and I later went to Geneva Il for Swedish days and a parade I enjoy a small town Parade, ate there it was fun.. how beit a long Parade mostly the Guys from the Shirners and their flying carpets... brought back a lot of memeories.. then we drove through Fermilab and sat and watched the Buffalo there where 6 babies Buffalo babies.. got home took a nap then grilled , got the draps up in the bed room again after much eye rolling why because I am go ahead say it I dare you......
Today monday went out for a 4 miler run/walk mostly walk the best part of this was seeing a
doe walking across the path in Warrenville. Now its time to shower and go to work...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

summer is here......at least the heat is..

I know it has been a couple of days that I have not wrote.... sorry. Monday I did go for a run/walk about 3.5 miles.. again it was tough with the heart rate going way up.. 70% is 120 h.r./ 80% should be 150-160 hr, nope it went from 120 to 175 H.R within 3 minutes... crap that is not good.. So when it did go that high I walked and it came down within a minute which is also good... Today I went for a 90 minute ride.. jeesh it was warm.... I got out about 6:45 am with little wind.... Now My heart rate when I am Riding or swimming is good.... still going to have to wait and see... I am not going to race this Sunday or until I can get this under-control...life is to short to take chances... Plus My Daughter is getting married in Sept so I must be a Adult....
Monday I had a few clients two new massage/reflexology clients... that is always good... their main complaint was Plantar fasciitis... with out getting into the A/P part.. it hurts.. for those who do not know what this is... It is primarily on the Plantar side of the foot or bottom of the foot, plus it is the Claves are ultra tight along with the soleus.. It is extremely painful first thing in the morning when stepping on the foot... the way I treat it is through Reflexology amd Massage also giving some take home type of P.T.. it does work as long as the client does them...
they both felt better when they left plus they did schedule again which I am thankful for...
Tonight I have my PM Reflexology class #2.....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

oh what a day.... it is good

its Saturday....it is still a day at office .. Real good news on the Sohmar front, Had a New Student sign the contact she will start in August.. I am Thankful.... Yeah I give Glory and Thanks to Him and Him alone. He allows me to do what he has gifted me with and I give Him Praise..Amen..
This Morning our little Marley woke me up by licking my face and purrrring... he was happy and hungry.. (at first I thought it was Star... had to put that in.. a little humor... she if she reads my blog..) After feed in him and walking Pooka ,I was able to get a nice Long ride in just under 2 hours which I will take.. There were those nasty stroms yesterday and last night so the ride interesting with all the down branches I did stop and helped a slow moving turtle across the road... I hope that was the direction it wanted to go..... later this afternoon I will meet up again with my brothers and sisters at My Fathers Apt. to help move his stuff out..... oh what a day... it is still good...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

got it done... so far.. so good

well I got my blood test out of the way... whats next??? hey I am 52 years old so I need to get things right.... I will train/swim this afternoon maybe pull 2500 yards... My day is just starting with Thursday Morning Massage class, we are going over Manual Lymph Drainage, this is the second week of this class, next week we will go back to Firm/Deep Massage... I will go over this with our Thursday evening class as well. the Students are eager to learn... they are fun to teach/share. This morning I was blessed with a facebook note from of our Graduates from 4 years ago just saying" thank you" for teaching a new way of living/working, giving her Hope of a New life..... I gots a tear in my eye... wow that moved me... then Just a little while ago maybe minutes another Graduate called to say "Thank you" and to tell me she is Training for The Chicago Marathon.. that one caught me off guard... She has just opened a Reflexology Spa in Downtown Glenn Ellyn not far from the Metra Station on Main Street. Called "Teas & Toes". She also joined the Glenn Ellyn Runners Group.
So now my real Day begins Teach/Share... Swim, lunch, Private massage Client, Teach/Share Pm massage class.... go Home to a Wonderful Wife and Partner, and our Little Furry children..
Its all good .. Life Is Good ... Got it done .. so far.. so Good.....still need Quite time for Prayer and study.....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what a day.. got to love it...

Today started off real nice. Woke up with a nice song in my head, got my Scripture Reading in and I was able to get a 90 minute windy bike in at Fermi lab. It is nice riding there since it is only 2 miles from my front door, did some drills and pick ups all is good. My Blood pressure and H.R was good.. I was going to try and do a brick but time and animals (or the McAleese zoo) told me other wise.. Sometimes one has to be a Adult;) Must have time to play with Marley and Pooka and Dylila, and the ferret... Oh yes and Bring Star her coffee.... the rest of my day was just normal. We had to bring Marley to the vet... poor baby:( he is fine... My Massage day actually starts tonight with a new Reflexology class. This class is a 10 week class.. I Love teaching what I enjoy doing.. as in Massage and Reflexology..... Looking forward to teaching 15 new students for this class, some are here for CE's and some are here to just learn Reflexology... I am still leaning on doing the June 28th Tri. I will make up my mind later this week.. If I do n't do it I will look toward naperville sprint, or even La Porte In.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

it is all good

Sunday was a good day, had the Massage school students out on the Ill. Prairie path to do massages on the Glen Ellyn runners that are training for the Chicago marathon-- it is a win- win for both the runners and the students.. the students did a great job.. later that morning My wife and I went out for Breakfast and then to the grocery store, however we both wanted to go to Petsmart to look at the cats, we saw one a couple of weeks ago that we liked.. We are looking to get a partner for our other cat who lost her brother back in Feb, little Samson who had a heart attack. anyways back to the story.. we ended up at Petsmart for a few hours and found this little kitten or should I say he found us.. so we took him instead of the other cat we look at.. Star named him Ziggy Marly, he is 8 weeks old.. Our Dog Pooka loves him, the other cat Dilyia has to learn to accept him... she will. we never made it to the store....

Today I went and ran 4 miles.. it was a rough go, the blood pressure meds that I am taking is making my muscles sore that in-turn I Think is making my heart rate go up... this is fustrating.It has become a run/walk type of thing.... I am going to have to ask the Med.Doc to maybe change it or just wait and see if it balances it self out.. which I hope it does.. I can still swim and Bike and that is okay.... I will be making Doc. appointments over the next couple of week just to make sure everything is good..
I had a full massage day today.. only one new client who had a gift certificate from 2 years ago with the old address.. he called he was late. and still wanted to come in .... nope not today he rescedule for next week.......

Saturday, June 13, 2009

what a beautiful day.. it depends how u look at it..

It has been raining so far all day, so glad my wife and I planted flowers and grass seed.Later today going to my dads apt. to write Thank you cards,along with my brothers and sisters. Did not get any tri. training in today that's okay. I am still looking to do Twin lakes in Palatine Il ,June 28th..
Star and I went to see Phil Keegy and Randy Stonewall last night, they where the early Christian Rock band (late 1960"s Band) it was a Good and Fun concert, if it was not for them there would not be K-love radio, or any Christian rock at all.... So glad they listen to the voice of God.. seems like I just rambleing on here hey its my Blog:))
I do have a full schedule of Massage clients today which I am thankful for.. My Massage students always ask what kind of Clients do I see, or what is the range of people. I tell them it is from A-Z,
From a housewife to corp. executive to pro atheltes to want to be pro. Who- ever needs me I will see them... to a point.... more about that later... gotta work now..

Friday, June 12, 2009

welcome to massageguy-- a day in the life

Hello to all. This is my first attempt to blog. My name is Michael McAleese, I am a massage therapist- 18 years and I own along with my Wife Star a small massage school : School Of Holistic Massage and Reflexology (Sohmar) In Downers Grove Il. We have two grown children : Isaiah 31 years old who lives in Boston Ma. He went there to help start a new church, I am very proud of him. Our Daughters name is Lauren she is 27 years old she is getting Married this Sept To Todd he is a nice guy( hey he is marrying my daughter so he better be nice). We are proud of Lauren also, she is planning this whole wedding out and has not gotten crasy..yet... I recently lost My father to pancreatic cancer last week.. it has been tough on all my Brothers and Sisters( I have 7 siblings..)
It was one month since we where told about it...My father was a good man.. a good Father... he allowed me to be me... he understood... me most of the time. There one time that changed how I look at my father. I was maybe 15-16 years old and I was out front across the street from our house with some friends from High school and a neighbor called my dad and complianed to him that we where causing trouble, my father came out and yelled at me and my friends, they all took off thinking that my dad was a looning bird. Later that evening My father came up to me and said" I am so sorry about what I did to you.please forgive me" at that time I saw my father in a differant light.. I saw a Real man... I saw a True Father ... that was a defining moment in my Life.
I will attempt to blog each day something, from My Training for a Tri, or marathon, or something about the massage school. Or Just a day in my Life thanks to those that will read this.
My web page for the school is www.sohmar.com