Friday, June 12, 2009

welcome to massageguy-- a day in the life

Hello to all. This is my first attempt to blog. My name is Michael McAleese, I am a massage therapist- 18 years and I own along with my Wife Star a small massage school : School Of Holistic Massage and Reflexology (Sohmar) In Downers Grove Il. We have two grown children : Isaiah 31 years old who lives in Boston Ma. He went there to help start a new church, I am very proud of him. Our Daughters name is Lauren she is 27 years old she is getting Married this Sept To Todd he is a nice guy( hey he is marrying my daughter so he better be nice). We are proud of Lauren also, she is planning this whole wedding out and has not gotten crasy..yet... I recently lost My father to pancreatic cancer last week.. it has been tough on all my Brothers and Sisters( I have 7 siblings..)
It was one month since we where told about it...My father was a good man.. a good Father... he allowed me to be me... he understood... me most of the time. There one time that changed how I look at my father. I was maybe 15-16 years old and I was out front across the street from our house with some friends from High school and a neighbor called my dad and complianed to him that we where causing trouble, my father came out and yelled at me and my friends, they all took off thinking that my dad was a looning bird. Later that evening My father came up to me and said" I am so sorry about what I did to you.please forgive me" at that time I saw my father in a differant light.. I saw a Real man... I saw a True Father ... that was a defining moment in my Life.
I will attempt to blog each day something, from My Training for a Tri, or marathon, or something about the massage school. Or Just a day in my Life thanks to those that will read this.
My web page for the school is


  1. Hi Mike--so far so good! Can't wait to see what you have to share. My thoughts and prayers have been with you during this tough time. Take care and God bless! Karen

  2. Mike sorry for your loss... thoughts and prayers to you and your family...

    Sheila has always blogged about her great massages and now that I am full swing into my BBing I need a massage, bad... time to call and make an appt...