Monday, June 15, 2009

it is all good

Sunday was a good day, had the Massage school students out on the Ill. Prairie path to do massages on the Glen Ellyn runners that are training for the Chicago marathon-- it is a win- win for both the runners and the students.. the students did a great job.. later that morning My wife and I went out for Breakfast and then to the grocery store, however we both wanted to go to Petsmart to look at the cats, we saw one a couple of weeks ago that we liked.. We are looking to get a partner for our other cat who lost her brother back in Feb, little Samson who had a heart attack. anyways back to the story.. we ended up at Petsmart for a few hours and found this little kitten or should I say he found us.. so we took him instead of the other cat we look at.. Star named him Ziggy Marly, he is 8 weeks old.. Our Dog Pooka loves him, the other cat Dilyia has to learn to accept him... she will. we never made it to the store....

Today I went and ran 4 miles.. it was a rough go, the blood pressure meds that I am taking is making my muscles sore that in-turn I Think is making my heart rate go up... this is fustrating.It has become a run/walk type of thing.... I am going to have to ask the Med.Doc to maybe change it or just wait and see if it balances it self out.. which I hope it does.. I can still swim and Bike and that is okay.... I will be making Doc. appointments over the next couple of week just to make sure everything is good..
I had a full massage day today.. only one new client who had a gift certificate from 2 years ago with the old address.. he called he was late. and still wanted to come in .... nope not today he rescedule for next week.......


  1. That is not fun your blood pressure/meds are bothering you. When are you going back to the dr? Ziggy cute. Post Pics!

  2. Sorry to hear about the blood pressure. It sure is tough getting older, huh? I would know. Take care.