Thursday, June 18, 2009

got it done... so far.. so good

well I got my blood test out of the way... whats next??? hey I am 52 years old so I need to get things right.... I will train/swim this afternoon maybe pull 2500 yards... My day is just starting with Thursday Morning Massage class, we are going over Manual Lymph Drainage, this is the second week of this class, next week we will go back to Firm/Deep Massage... I will go over this with our Thursday evening class as well. the Students are eager to learn... they are fun to teach/share. This morning I was blessed with a facebook note from of our Graduates from 4 years ago just saying" thank you" for teaching a new way of living/working, giving her Hope of a New life..... I gots a tear in my eye... wow that moved me... then Just a little while ago maybe minutes another Graduate called to say "Thank you" and to tell me she is Training for The Chicago Marathon.. that one caught me off guard... She has just opened a Reflexology Spa in Downtown Glenn Ellyn not far from the Metra Station on Main Street. Called "Teas & Toes". She also joined the Glenn Ellyn Runners Group.
So now my real Day begins Teach/Share... Swim, lunch, Private massage Client, Teach/Share Pm massage class.... go Home to a Wonderful Wife and Partner, and our Little Furry children..
Its all good .. Life Is Good ... Got it done .. so far.. so Good.....still need Quite time for Prayer and study.....

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