Saturday, June 20, 2009

oh what a day.... it is good

its is still a day at office .. Real good news on the Sohmar front, Had a New Student sign the contact she will start in August.. I am Thankful.... Yeah I give Glory and Thanks to Him and Him alone. He allows me to do what he has gifted me with and I give Him Praise..Amen..
This Morning our little Marley woke me up by licking my face and purrrring... he was happy and hungry.. (at first I thought it was Star... had to put that in.. a little humor... she if she reads my blog..) After feed in him and walking Pooka ,I was able to get a nice Long ride in just under 2 hours which I will take.. There were those nasty stroms yesterday and last night so the ride interesting with all the down branches I did stop and helped a slow moving turtle across the road... I hope that was the direction it wanted to go..... later this afternoon I will meet up again with my brothers and sisters at My Fathers Apt. to help move his stuff out..... oh what a day... it is still good...

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