Monday, June 29, 2009

it is a good Monday ...following a Great weekend

It was a fun filled weekend.. what did you do?? Beside working Saturday I had a Great 2 plus hour ride in the early am.. enjoyed except for a few nutty Drivers who think they own everything and swear at you and make threating motions with their hands.... oh well! Life is to short.. After work Star and I cleaned the house due to that fact.. no we are not slops.. okay maybe we are.. it is Marley has ringworm and we needed to bleach all the tile floors... After much eye rolling on.. my part .. insert here I am lazy... no debate on that... i would rather sit around outside doing not a thing.... we got it done.... Then I was able to sit around have a beer..
Sunday spent time on The Illinois paririe path in Glenn Ellyn with My Students From Sohmar School of Massage working(clinic Time) on the Glen Ellyn Runners.. Star and I later went to Geneva Il for Swedish days and a parade I enjoy a small town Parade, ate there it was fun.. how beit a long Parade mostly the Guys from the Shirners and their flying carpets... brought back a lot of memeories.. then we drove through Fermilab and sat and watched the Buffalo there where 6 babies Buffalo babies.. got home took a nap then grilled , got the draps up in the bed room again after much eye rolling why because I am go ahead say it I dare you......
Today monday went out for a 4 miler run/walk mostly walk the best part of this was seeing a
doe walking across the path in Warrenville. Now its time to shower and go to work...

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy, fun filled weekend. Good for you!