Friday, July 24, 2009

what a great start to the week... then...The Dance lesson

It has been a real good week over all.I have been able to run longer before my Heart Rate spikes , it now takes up to 20 minutes before it goes up to high.. I will take that ... at my slow pace now a days that is at least 2 miles Yeah!!!! Monday I got 8 miles in, Wendesday I ran 6.5 mile... Yeah!!!! in between I got some riding in 1.5 & 2 hours....

I have been able to start to "Train" for That race that seems to be always just right around the corner.
Getting 2 hours on the bike a couple of times a week seems like a no brainer, swimming has been 2 days a week at times.. got to get the running ......back to speed so to say..

I have been successful with using herbal supplements for the Blood Pressure I am thankful for that.
Today I had my Blood pressure check......... not good today.... to high .... Why!!!!.. I can try and blame my sinuses and using Tylynol sinuses meds to help me breathe.... Yup! I will blame that...Taking that is like drinking 10 cups of high octane coffee..... that is not good. it also made me a little cranky... and I am NOT a CRANKY person..... going to try Herbal supplements now..

Oh!! I had two new students start the Massage Program here at Sohmar ( School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology) this week I am so excited about that.
Welcome to my world...

My daughters wedding plans are in full crasiness.... So glad to be the Father. I just sit back and smile niclely..and let it all happen...

My Big part in "The Plans " is getting the dance lessons set up.. you know, the Father daughter Dance, that all Fathers dream about.. I shed a tear when I think about it...Not about Dancing which I can do... it is the Father Daughter Dance... Danceing with my little Girl, my little angel..
okay I am crying now thank you very much..... more later.

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